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STEMS – A Musical Anatomy

Creative Commons License
Circularity Stems Project by Star From Ivy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Remix and Recreate

Check out Erin Barra‘s Coursera course on using Ableton 9, courtesy of Berklee College of Music. You can download a free trial of Ableton HERE and can freely edit and adapt the instrument and vocal stems from our songs by clicking the titles of each project below or the link to ‘pull’ all the source files to enable you to create your own unique mix or even compose your own piece of music from any aspect of our tracks! By connecting with us on Blend, you can access the whole album and perhaps share back through that platform or Soundcloud. Remember to tag the song titles and our social network name so that we can share your music too. Presonus’ Studio One Prime (direct store link here) is a superb free entry level solution for beginning to develop your mixing skills and techniques.
BPMs for click tracks

A Reason 130bpm 4/4
Answers 100bpm 4/4
Blood 94bpm 4/4
Call To Alms 84bpm 4/4
Circularity 142bpm 4/4
I Can’t Breathe 92bpm 4/4
Imago 76bpm 4/4
Lifelines 167bpm 3/4
Proud Not to click
Slumberland 197bpm 3/4
Soul 187bpm 3/4
Sounds Like Crows 92bpm 4/4
The Only One 132bpm 4/4


Download the tracks from Circularity as GarageBand projects below and use them however you like. See the top of the page for licensing information.

Presonus Studio One

Download the full album StudioOne project files in the zip format below. Feel free to experiment with the tracks and develop your own ideas. See the bottom of the page for licensing information.

Native Instruments Stem Files

You can download the whole Circularity album in the Stems format for you to use with an instance of Native InstrumentsTraktor or other compatible setup. If you do share your sets or creations using our stems, don’t forget to tag your work with the song titles as hashtags so that we can help share it for you!

Other Sotware

You can also download pre-prepared projects in other program formats. Connect with us to get hold of them. Feel free to share any reworkings that you do with us using the song hashtags and we’ll share it with others for you!


Refugee Films

Refugees & Asylum Seekers



Jesus Blood Never Failed me

Click HERE to explore Gavin Bryars’ composition in more detail.
The Rights Of The Child

The Rights Of The Child


“Right now, millions of children are in danger. They’re facing violence, disease, hunger, and the chaos of war and disaster. Together, we have the power to change that. With your help, we’ll do whatever it takes until every child is safe.”
Visit UNICEF to learn more.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child

​Like the UN Declaration of Human Rights acknowledges and promotes a series of standard rights for humankind. The UNCRC sets out a number of clauses that member states must operate on in order to protect the rights of children.
Below are some examples of children whose lives have been affected by the contents of the convention.


Click HERE to find out more about Malala and the film of her story.


World Humanitarian Summit

Click HERE to find out more about the World Humanitarian Summit. About WHS is a good place to start.

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