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The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy


Circular Economy

HERE is a fantastic lesson on the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation gives a continual update of great things going on in the world.
Check out the Circular Economy Portal and Circulate for further insight and links into circular processes. The DIF also looks like a really cool set up!
Permaculture is a real embodiment of this circular sustainable ethos and way of doing things.

Circularity in Action

“The championship centres around three core values of Energy, Environment and Entertainment and is a fusion of engineering, technology, sport, science, design, music and entertainment – all combining to drive the change towards an electric future. #DrivetheFuture”
For more information, visit the Formula E site.


The Venus Project

The ZEITGEIST Movement

For radical ideas, take a look at the VENUS PROJECT and THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT to really help you to think differently about your perceived idea of reality and normality!
Be careful, there are big ideas in here
Zen Art

Zen Art

The Zen Circle

The Zen Circle is the ‘Circle of Togetherness’. It symbolises a number of things. The Universe. Infintiy. Enlightenment. Make your own enso and share it with others using #circularity.


The Zentangle is an easy artistic method that helps people to focus and be creative. Make your own zentangle and share it with others using #circularity.
Recycle Now

Recycle Now


In 2008-09 over 27 million tonnes of UK household waste was collected by local authorities. Of this:

  • 50% of this waste was sent to landfill;
  • 37% was recycled or composted; and
  • 12% was incinerated for energy recovery.


Global Goals

Global Goals

We actively support the work of UNICEF and the UN to help to spread the word about making a change for everyone on this planet as a part of the GLOBAL GOALS movement. Explore more posters and graphical information HERE.
We all have a part to play in spreading the word and teaching others about the pledges being made by members of the UN.
Design for Change this Summer!

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