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Indigenous Victory

Indigenous Victory

It’s not just happening at Standing Rock!

All over the world, indigenous communities have been challenging injustice and inequality.

Click HERE to read more about their journeys and successes as Global Citizens.

Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths

Visit the Crossroads of Jerusalem’s Most Unique Neighborhoods – National Geographic

A fascinating insight into the crossing paths of those ordinarily divided by faith in Jerusalem from National Geographic.

Global Citizen

Global Citizen

Skype In The Classroom


It is perceived that the 20th Century might be known as the age of ‘Introspection’, where we look inside of ourselves to make things better. It is said, however, that we should be a little more ‘Outrospective’ in the 21st Century and reach out to one another to connect and help to solve issues to make things better for everyone.


Chris’ song, Albino (sung here by Abbie Rose), attempt to tackle the farcical notion of racism based on skin pigmentation.

Video by Mark Duggan





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