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Indigenous Victory

Indigenous Victory

It’s not just happening at Standing Rock!

All over the world, indigenous communities have been challenging injustice and inequality.

Click HERE to read more about their journeys and successes as Global Citizens.

After Life

After Life


It is important to recognise that Buddhist thought does not propose the transmigration of souls – this is a common misunderstanding of Buddhism; that if you live a bad life you’ll return as something ‘lower’ like an animal or insect. Reincarnation simply implies that at the point of rebirth one would be promoted or demoted across the ten realms of existence.
“At the top is Buddha (Nirvana) and the scale descends as follows: Bodhisattva (an enlightened being destined to be a Buddha, but purposely remaining on earth to teach others), Pratyeka Buddha (a Buddha for himself), Sravka (direct disciple of Buddha), heavenly beings (superhuman [angels?]), human beings, Asura (fighting spirits), beasts, Preta (hungry ghosts), and depraved men (hellish beings).”


In Catholic teaching, after death the soul must rest for a while in purgatory in order to be purified enough to achieve the holiness to enter Heaven. This was a pretty powerful tool for extracting money from adherents for a speedy and pain free time after death.

The egg

The Egg, an online story written by Andy Weir, has become a viral phenomenon. It takes aspects of many major world religions and combines them into a haunting and thought-provoking hypothesis. That everything forms part of ‘the only one’ – together. This concept has become a major lyric theme for Circularity across many songs. A short film was adapted from the idea, with a soundtrack composed by Nils Frahm.


Native American Indian Culture

In Native American Indian culture, the general approach to existence is that of being balanced and at one with nature – something which many seem to suddenly be aspiring to. Animals and their associated totemic spirits have a major part to play and form a central part of their belief structures. The Indigenous American people optimised and circularised everything – nothing was ever wasted!


Shintoism is an ancient Japanese religion who also hold belief in nature as the way of the ‘Kami’ or spirits. These spirits are simply inherent in the Universe in their millions and worship is administered at natural shrines – without any idol or imago.
Life & Death

Life & Death


Chris and Dan wrote and recorded this song, Rose. It’s about embracing the inevitability of death.
Video created by Mark Duggan

Life & Death

HERE is a course on the science of life.
“As individuals, it is easy for us to have a negative and doom-laden attitude to the idea of our own life and death. We often see our life as the focus point, and death as the end of it, where there begins an infinite period of nothing. Why can’t we see it the other way? Rather than see death as the exception and life as the rule (i.e. death as the end of a life, and something to be dreaded), perhaps we should see life as the exception – a brief, but amazing flash of light – a window within the darkness of non-existence that we should make every moment of whilst we have the profound luck to appreciate the experience of existing.”

Lifesquared produce some brilliant materials in changing the way you think about things in a positive way. Check out their Ways To Think About Death (And Life) leaflet.

All the major world religions have their own ideas and rituals to help try to understand and tolerate the concept of death. CLICK HERE to take a look at some examples.

When we are bereft of someone or something, human beings go through a process of grieving. This is a completely natural response to the loss of a close friend, relative, or pet. The government provides this guide to help and instruct us in what to do when someone dies.

It’s important that we know how to support others who are grieving, so that – in turn – we know that we can ask for support and understanding ourselves for when we go through the unfortunate and upsetting process. In the UK, the NHS have created a site dedicated to helping people with this. Bereavement help from the NHS.

Young Minds – Help for Parents with Grieving Children
Winston’s Wish – A Charity dedicated to helping with bereavement
Coping with the death of a pet from The Dogs Trust

Should we have a choice of when we terminate our lives. In particular circumstances, Dignity In Dying believe so.


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