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Dharma & Karma

Dharma & Karma

Buddha & Ashoka


Dharma represents the teachings of Gautama Buddha. In some strands of Buddhism it also means existence and the law of being. The Light of Asia is a beautifully poetic introduction to Gautama’s life and teachings.


The laws of Karma in Buddhist thought run along the lines of us each being architects of our own fate. It translates into English as ‘action’ or ‘doing’. Our actions in life, in accordance with Dharma, cause us to have a more or less fortunate life on our next cycle as part of Samsara.



The central lyrical theme in this song is the Buddhist notion of impermanence – challenging the idea of us each having an afterlife. What if our souls don’t go somewhere else after we complete our linear A-B journey of life into death? No ‘kingdom come’? A circular and cyclic existence. Choosing, instead, to exist mindfully in the moment.
Click HERE to explore a series of quotes around impermanence from Good Reads.



In Buddhist philosophy, Samsara (the Sanskrit word for ‘journeying’ is the cycle of life, death and rebirth. It is a system which covers a number of hierarchical existential layers.


Journey, is an interactive parable; a beautiful experience of exploration and travel. Conceptually, it shares many ideas with Buddhism including Samsara and reincarnation. The great music in the accolades trailer is by Tycho.


In storytelling, a writer will often employ the monomyth cycle in order to chart the journey of the hero. Check out this great animation below explaining a ‘Hero’s Journey‘.
Play ‘The Only One’

Play ‘The Only One’

Below you’ll find out how to play some of the main instrumental parts from song. Why not film or record yourself playing the bits and share with us using #TheOnlyOne.

Verse Guitar Parts

Simply loop this sequence around in order to play the song.
Chris’ Part
Dan’s Part

Mark’s Drum Part

Here is Mark’s drum part in full for the whole song.
Thanks to Justin Chambers from Riding The Low for his drum transcription of The Only One.

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